The new CD of Nova Schola Labacensis "Occident meets Orient" has been published on 10th Anniversary of the ensemble. It represents a musical journey from London, Paris, Rome and Venice to Istanbul, Aleppo, Shiraz and Kabul represents a passionate intercultural dialogue between Western and Eastern music from Baroque period to the present. The musical performance is enriched by genuine arrangements, stylistic nuances and moving improvisations on authentic instruments from both traditions such as viola d'amore, bass viol, Baroque violin, cello and double bass, recorders, archlute, theorbo, Baroque guitar, guiterne, Arabic lute, saz bağlama, Indian tanpura, Afghan rubab and sarinda, Turkish kudüm, Arabic riq, Persian daf and Indian tabla.

The main idea of the programme is to demonstrate universal spiritual and artistic unity in diversity of vocal and instrumental music to achieve better understanding between West and East. Therefore, European Baroque music masterpieces meet Ottoman, Afghan, Persian, Arabic and Sephardic music jewels starting from the same period.

You can order the CD here (for promotional price 13 EUR): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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