Nova Schola Labacensis

Nova Schola Labacensis is a unique Slovene early music ensemble which preserves and continues the tradition of Schola Labacensis, the first contemporary Slovene early music consort. Nova Schola Labacensis performs European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music but also Arabic muwashahat, Greek rembetiko or Slovene folk songs as well as more recent classical musical compositions.

Nova Schola Labacensis

Orpheus Novus

Boris Šinigoj who regularely performs as a soloist on various plucked instruments found the main inspiration for his musical work in patristic philosophy where he borrowed the metaphor of Orpheus Novus to name his musical and philosophical attitude. He focuses on the revival of the basic practical and spiritual components in the modern musical perfomances according to Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque traditions in a passionate dialogue with Oriental and Byzantine modal heritage as well as modern jazz tradition. Thus he founded the ensembles Nova Schola Labacensis, Vagantes and Jazz Oud Quartet to unite his philosophical approach and enthusiasm for live interactive musical performance with emphasis on stylistic improvisation.

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Jazz Oud Quartet

Jazz Oud Quartet is well known for its passionate improvisations on traditional tunes, a crossover between European jazz and Oriental traditions such as Arabic maqamat, Greek rembetiko, Iranian radif and Indian raga. In Jazz Oud Quartet the youthful energy and mature virtuosity form a unique musical experience where the sound of saxophone, clarinet and electric keyboards resonate with Arabic lute (oud), violin, cello and double bass in a vivid and unpredictable musical interaction.

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Vagantes ensemble was conceived by lutenist and artistic director of Nova Schola Labacensis Boris Šinigoj as a smaller group of musicians within the Nova Schola Labacensis institution to take an active part in the revival of Medieval and Renaissance music as well as to perform world and folk music. The main intention of the Vagantes  ensemble is to develop a prolific musical dialogue between West and East performing the most representative musical compositions of both traditions. 

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Music is very closely connected with dance. Therefore the Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble regulary performs in cooperation with talented dancers. For instance, when the ensemble recently conceived the programme "Occident meets Orient" a very prolific cooperation with extremely talented Oriental dancer Nika Mlakar, the laureate of Oriental dance world competition in Moscow 2014, has started and she is now a regular member of the ensemble.

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Ko evropski barok sreča orient
oktober 2018

Kosovelov dom, Sežana, 8. oktober 2018 ob 20h

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