Vagantes ensemble was conceived by lutenist and artistic director of Nova Schola Labacensis Boris Šinigoj as a smaller group of musicians within the Nova Schola Labacensis institution to take an active part in the revival of Medieval and Renaissance music as well as to perform world and folk music. The main intention of the Vagantes  ensemble is to develop a prolific musical dialogue between West and East performing the most representative musical compositions of both traditions. 

The repertoire of the ensemble includes Slovenian Medieval songs like Riba Faronika (Fish Pharonica), Cantigas de Santa Maria, songs from Livre Vermeill, ballate by Francesco Landini, virelais by Guillaume Machaut and chansons of troubadurs and truvers. At the same time it also consists of the Andalusian muwashahat and Oriental music including Greek rembetiko, Romanian dances and compositions from Persian, Afghan and Indian classical traditions. The members of the Vagantes  ensemble are specialised to play various authentic musical instruments like Medieval fiddles, Renaissance recorders, Renaissance and Arabic lutes, Greek bouzouki and baglamas, Turkish saz baglama, Romanian cobza, Romantic guitar, Afghan and Kashgar rubabs, violin, cello, double bass,  Afghan sarinda, Indian tanpura, sarod and percussions like riqq, daf and tabla. The members of the ensemble are also active in the framework of Nova Schola Labacensis.


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