Nova Schola Labacensis is a unique Slovene early music ensemble which preserves and continues the tradition of Schola Labacensis, the first contemporary Slovene early music consort. Nova Schola Labacensis performs European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music but also Arabic muwashahat, Greek rembetiko or Slovene folk songs as well as more recent classical musical compositions.

The repertoire of the ensemble spreads from Medieval cantigas de Santa Maria, motets and folk songs, Renaissance chansons, lute songs, dances and diferencias, Baroque arias, madrigals, chaconnes and folias to African cumbées, Latino American milongas and Oriental music of Afghanistan, Iran, India, Turkey, various Arab countries, Romania, Greece and Balkan.

Let’s name some of the renowned forerunners of the Nova Schola Labacensis who were active in today’s Slovene territory: Giacomo Gorzanis, famous Renaissance lutenist from Trieste, Johannes Berthold Höffer, Baroque lutenist from Ljubljana and the founder of Academia Philharmonicorum Labacensis (1701), contemporary lutenist and lutemaker Pavel Šraj from Radovljica, the members of Schola Labacensis, especially its founder Janez Höfler and lutenists Anton Čare, Primož Soban and Tomaž Šegula, as well as Ivo Magherini from Dekani, one of the most renowned luthiers and connoisseurs of early music who made nearly all European lutes and guitars of Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble.

The members of the Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble are:

  • Tadeja Pance, soprano, tambourine, cymbals, castanets, ocean drum, Indian tanpura
  • Nika Mlakar, oriental dance, finger cymbals
  • Blažka Gaberc, Renaissance & Baroque recorders
  • Tomaž Šinigoj, viola d'amore, Baroque violin, Medieval alto fiddel, balafon, bendir
  • Miha Šinigoj, bass viol, Baroque cello, double bass, Medieval tenor fiddel, Afghan sarinda, Berber loutar
  • Vasja Štukelj, Indian tabla, Turkish timpani kudüm, frame drum, Arabic riq, Persian daf, tapan
  • Žiga Kroflič, Renaissance lute, Renaissance & Baroque guitar, Turkish bağlama saz, Greek baglamas
  • Marko Angelski, Roman theorbo, Romantic guitar, mandolin
  • Boris Šinigoj, artistic director, Renaissance lute, vihuela, archlute, Baroque guitar, Arabic lute, Greek bouzouki, Afghan rubab, Indian sarod

Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble has also performed with a great success at the international Festivals of early music SEVIQC, NYMBUS, Serate musicali Piranesi, Klassik auf Hum, Musical Evenings in St Donat and Nights in old Ljubljana Town, and also with many different thematic concerts at home and abroad in a musical cooperation with famous artists: mezzosoprano Bernarda Fink (Buenos Aires/Klagenfurt, Argentina/Austria), soprano Urška Kastelic (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Renaissance lutenist James Bowen (San Diego, USA), teorbo player Andrej Jovanić (London/Belgrade, GB/Serbia), Baroque lutenist Borut Novakovič (Vicenza/Koper, Italy/Slovenia), vihuelist and Baroque lutenist Erazem Izidor Grafenauer (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Flamenco dancer Urška Centa (Madrid/Ljubljana, Spain/Slovenia), Medieval multiinstrumentalist Janez Jocif (Škofja Loka, Slovenia) and jazz multiinstrumentalist Lado Jakša (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

We are grateful also to the former members of the Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble: soprano Maša Zorc and lutenists Minja Zorc, Maruša Mirnik, Amalija Maček, Gašper Jakovac and Vid Papež.

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