Music is very closely connected with dance. Therefore the Nova Schola Labacensis ensemble regulary performs in cooperation with talented dancers. For instance, when the ensemble recently conceived the programme "Occident meets Orient" a very prolific cooperation with extremely talented Oriental dancer Nika Mlakar, the laureate of Oriental dance world competition in Moscow 2014, has started and she is now a regular member of the ensemble.

In the near future Nova Schola Labacensis institution plans to invite a group of young modern ballet dancers to cooperate in the "Jazz Oud Dance Project" with the choreographer Breda Sivec, a former dancer of Ksenija Hribar's contemporary Dance Theatre Ljubljana . The project is based on the Tolstoian theme of War and Peace with special regards to the problem of migrations and traumatic events in the clash of Eastern and Western civilisations. Otherwise, a talented Slovenian flamenco dancer Urška Centa also used to perform with the ensemble Nova Schola Labacensis in the programme "Renaissance flamenco" with great success at the international Early music festivals.

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